Magic No Spill Mug

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This innovative, multi-purpose mug utilizes "Smartgrip" technology to prevent spilling your favorite drink.

This amazing feature prevents your drink from being accidentally spilled, but allows the cup to be lifted naturally. "Smartgrip" is not suction and will never wear out. Finally no more spills!

The unique slimline double-walled design of Magic Mug ensures you can use it in your car, at your desk or anywhere there is a flat surface. Magic Mug fits directly into your car cup holder and will stand firm even on boats, train, and planes. You can use it as a coffee mug or for iced tea, soda pop and more.


  • Smartgrip function never wears out and is guaranteed to work on any smooth, flat surface (i.e. your work desk or table)
  • Avoid ruining important documents and sip around your electronics worry-free
  • Double wall, sweatproof mug with slim design fits nicely in your hand
  • Conveniently fits into car cup holders and grips firmly on boats, trains, and planes

No spill magic mug

How To Use?

  1. Place Magic Mug down on any non-porous surface of your desk or table.
  2. Once set down Magic Mug goes into grip mode which allows Magic Mug to resist falling over when you accidentally knock into it. The best part about Magic Mug is that it knows when to grip and when to lift. Simply lift Magic Mug straight up when you wish to drink and it lifts naturally - just like any traditional mug.

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