How the Moscow Mule Came to Be a Thing!

How the Moscow Mule Came to Be a Thing!

Today, there are a lot of cocktails in the world that got their names by strange circumstances, and trust us, the Moscow Mule is one of them. 

This cocktail came to be in 1941 in New York (not Moscow) and got its full fame in the years to come in Hollywood. 
There are two versions of the story on how the cocktail was born, and since after so many years we can not certainly say which one is correct, we'll tell you both. 
The thing that everyone agrees on is that cocktail was originally made in New York's Chatham Hotel. It was a mixture of Smirnoff Vodka and ginger beer, with a squeeze of lemon. And it was made by the three guys... The first was John A. Morgan, known as Jack, president of Cock 'n' Bull Products and owner of the Hollywood Cock 'n' Bull Restaurant; second was John G. Martin, president of G.F. Heublein Brothers Inc. of Hartford, Conn., and the third was Rudolph Kunett, president of the Pierre Smirnoff, Heublein's vodka division. By the words of one of them, they just wanted to know how it tasted to mix vodka and ginger beer. They give it a try, and they were right - It tasted great.
So great that they immediately started to serve it to famous Hollywood stars who brought recipe back to the West Coast.  And the rest, as the saying goes, is history!
The Moscow Mule, made in New York, brought to California and then to the rest of the world, is still popular as the day it came alive.
The other side of the story is that it was invented by the bartender, Wes Price, who just wanted to clear the bar's cellar that was packed with unsaleable goods such as Smirnoff Vodka and ginger beer. Not the kind of story that excites anyone, unless you're into marketing left-over inventory. However, as time goes by. this version of the story is proving more and more correct. Is there anything Americans won't do to make a buck? LOL
What isn't in dispute is the recipe, that has been the same since day one:
2 oz of vodka,
3 oz of ginger beer
juice or half of the lime.
And yes, it MUST be SEVERED in the famous Copper Mug!

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